What about SimpEx Kitchens ?

SimpEx provides fully-equipped, rentable kitchen spaces, enabling your restaurant chains a fast, low cost, and capital light expansion method. Our advanced technology further enhances our multi-kitchen by automatically recording all the sales, managing the inventory, and analysing sales data to recommend your revenue increasing strategies.

What is a multi-kitchen?

All the operational expenses including maintenance and kitchen cleaning is handled by our staff, requiring you to only provide a cooking team.

Separate kitchen

We offer separate kitchen spaces in a large sized property in inexpensive location, near high demand areas.

Pre-licensed Kitchen

Each kitchen space is pre-licensed for immediate use and is leased to restaurants for a reasonable monthly fee.

Who needs SimpEx Kitchen?

Small to medium sized food chains

SimpEx offers you affordable solutions to start and run you food business without the need to invest huge amounts on kitchen assets.

Large, global food chains

Looking for expansion? Unlike franchisee model, our expansion model presents a big opportunity to you. You will not lose control over quality and you can still expand at a lower operational cost. You will also have the power on your brand, which you can use to maximize your delivery orders.

Virtual brands

The third group is virtual brands, these are brands that exist only for delivery. SimpEx is an ideal method of expansion for you. Expand your network of clients, and maximize your profits by delivering and making the food ! SimpEx saves the cost of having to open a kitchen for your virtual brand.

Food entrepreneurs

SimpEx offers a place for creativity as well. Are you a chef who wants to try something new and get real feedback without affecting your brand reviews? Now you can cook and offer something new, and test out your products with minimal cost and risk. Moreover, there are no menu costs, allowing them to easily add and remove items from the online menu.